Founder (Message Mon)

I founded Flock Of Angels in 1999  as a sister organization to The Nicole Brown (Simpson) Foundation supporting their organization & family for nearly two decades artistically, technically, musically, and as a volunteer network supporting domestic violence victims. I gained experience in helping others working with them.

Today The Flock Of Angels function as a "Digital Angel Network" of warriors across Earth on the mission of spreading love, truth, and online moral support to folks in need. FOA is open to all ethnic groups and religions because our current purpose is assisting through this amazing but chaotic evolution of human consciousness. Our battle isn't between left or right, black and white. It's between good and evil.

FOA always has and will be a grassroots organization so please spread the word and invite angelic minded people to join our network of pure love.​ 

On top of a mountain
in blue moon light

My Purpose & Story


After praying for purpose on top of a mountain 4 times in 1996, the magical ah ha moment that changed my life took place in January 1997. It happened in such a strange way and was so bizarre I knew it was the result of my mountaintop rituals. To make a long story short, OJ Simpson showed my sister his nasty nuts and changed my life. It's such a cool story. You can't make this stuff up.