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We began in ninety-nine after Columbine, assisting The Nicole Brown (Simpson) Foundation with "Artistic Development" and sister network of virtual volunteers supporting families suffering from domestic & other extreme violence. We continue as a virtual network of angel warriors with the purpose of seeking and spreading TRUTH,  CONTAGIOUS PEACE fighting evil, and inspiring unity through kindness, and unconditional LOVE. 


ACTS OF LOVE manifest MIRACLES because of LOVES' magical force.  Uniting in this powerful energy is humanity's strongest weapon against the forces of evil ruling us. It's time for their defeat.

A.O.L. inspire healing in the lives we touch while inspiring others to do the same. This is the last thing the enemy wants us to realize and act upon.

The Final Battle

Between good and evil

We are fighting the last battle between good and evil. Today our most important task is to defeat the demons attempting to steal the U.S. election.  They are the same Satanists trafficking women, raping, torturing, eating, and drinking the blood of children. NOW is time for humanity to LEARN THE TRUTH &  take these scumbags down, eliminating this evil from our world once and for all.

STAND UP &  Join the fight!

If you have the heart and the desire to have a positive effect in the lives of others

Create ripples of love in someone's life
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